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Vote for Red Hot Cod in best of the Gold Coast

The annual poll is on again to find the Best Fish and Chip restaurant on the Gold Coast for 2019.

It is an annual readers’ poll run online by the Gold Coast Bulletin and you can vote for Red Hot Cod right here but be sure to scroll to the bottom – we’re last on the list.

But please hurry. Voting closes 10am Monday February 18, 2019.

Red Hot Cod has been voted in the top 10 on the Gold Coast since the first year we opened and Number 1 in Burleigh each year.

We’d love your support again in 2019, so click on the Gold Coast Bulletin link, scroll down to Red Hot Cod and send your love our way!

Tripadvisor excellence award for Red Hot Cod

Tripadvisor Red Hot Cod excellence

It’s exciting to get the international stamp of approval from Tripadvisor.

So many of our great customers have given us five-star ratings that they have just awarded Red Hot Cod the Certificate of Excellence.

They say the customer is never wrong and who are we to argue.

If you guys think Red Hot Cod does the best seafood and fish and chips takeaway then we will have to agree.

It is so satisfying for all our staff too. We try hard every day, every order to deliver a special food experience.

Thanks Tripadvisor – we think you’re excellent too.




We are batter than the rest

Thank you to all our wonderful customers and fans who voted us among the top 10 fish and chip restaurants on the Gold Coast for the second year running.

We are the fifth most popular restaurant on the Coast and No.1 in Burleigh Heads in the Gold Coast Bulletin’s Best of the Gold Coast competition announced in March 2018.

To be in the top 10 last year (2017) when we had only been open a few months was amazing.

But to follow it up this year with an improved Top 10 placing and again the best in Burleigh shows that we have great food and great customers.

The feedback has been the best thing. We love it that you guys love our food. It keeps us going every day.

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Red Hot Cod is Top 5 on the Gold Coast

Polls are open for voting in the Best Fish and Chips restaurant on the Gold Coast.
And we need your help to bring home the bacon – or in our case, the cod.
Last year, not long after we opened, we had your support to be voted into the top 10 on the Gold Coast and the best in Burleigh in the Gold Coast Bulletin’s Best of the Gold Coast competition.
This year, we need your vote again.
So click the link, find Red Hot Cod in the list and vote. Think of it as a non-binding, postal plebiscite but online and about great seafood.
We love bringing you the very best and fresh seafood every day and a little trophy now and again is all we ask in return.
Here’s the link, go for it:

Voted the best fish and chips in Burleigh Heads

Red Hot Cod is pretty stoked to be voted among the Top 10 takeaway fish and chip outlets on the Gold Coast.

The Gold Coast Bulletin’s annual readers’ poll places Red Hot Cod No.6 on the Coast in 2017 and the only Burleigh outlet in the top 10. This is despite only opening its doors just over six months before hand.

“The response from the community has been terrific,” says Sim, owner and chef at Red Hot Cod Burleigh.

“We know our premium quality fish and chips has met a need in the market but to receive such an award in our first few months is pretty special.

“And this is all organic too because t is the people who voted.

“So we can just thank our customers and the Gold Coast Bulletin. And we promise we will continue to serve up the best fish and chips in Burleigh.”

Full Report:

Read the full Best of the Gold Coast fish and chips article here


We source the freshest fish

Another picture of Sim showing off the goods! Come in and get your taste of it before its all gone

It has been an amazing return to Burleigh Heads for Sim and Buffie.

Rachel Jansen, from the Gold Coast Bulletin, captured it well with this article:

A DECADE ago, Simon and Buffie Scott disappeared from the Burleigh food scene, selling off the local favourite Red Hot Wok and heading south for a slower-paced life in northern NSW.

Their reputation for good food continued to reach the Burleigh foreshore though, with news of their ventures in an Evans Head hotel and then RSL club travelling back to those who missed the popular takeaway where fresh, fast and tasty Asian-inspired dishes were served up in cardboard boxes.

So when the doors opened to a new fish and chipper in Burleigh two weeks before Christmas, it didn’t take long for the local crew to hear the Scotts had made a comeback, this time with Red Hot Cod, the name a nod to their former popular eatery that used to be just a few doors further along the Gold Coast Highway.

“We moved down there I was teaching professional seafood cooking at the North Coast Institute of TAFE, and also had the hotel and then RSL restaurant,” Simon explains.

“The past few years we’ve had a pretty good cruisy life and I spent a lot of time fishing and surfing.

Life by the ocean

“ I’ve been surfing since I was five and fishing since I was five-and-a-half. I love the ocean – playing in it and eating from it.

“The last two years I spent 590 hours at sea just fishing, and probably the same amount of time surfing.

“But all our family live here and we thought it was time to come back and we just wanted to do something different again.”

The couple have rented a unit overlooking Burleigh for now, while they travel between bases.

Using his southern connections is a bonus for Burleigh customers, Simon says, especially during the peak summer period when supply has been low because of high demand.

“There’s so much more fish down there. Up here it’s really competitive (because of under-supply),” he says.

“I’ve had 10 years of building relationships with the professional fishermen down there – they know I’m looking for snapper of a certain size, and mackerel and jew fish.”

Only the best quality seafood

Sourcing quality seafood is a central point-of-difference for Red Hot Cod as a fish and chip takeaway.

“It’s a bit different for a fish and chip menu,” Simon says.

“It’s all Australian and New Zealand seafood. We’re not getting fish in from Asia.

“You know what you’re eating. If you’re eating fish from Asia, they’re farming them in muddy ponds, whereas with the Australian and New Zealand produce, it’s wild caught.”

As well as the fish from Evan’s Head, the deep sea ling is from New Zealand – caught wild and filleted on the boats – the salmon from Tassie, and the oysters on the menu are currently Sydney Rock as they’re in season.

Seafood expertise

The octopus for Simon’s barbecue octopus dish is brought in from Western Australia.

“It’s the big Aussie stuff. They catch them in the lobster traps – they’re a bycatch – the octopus get in the lobster traps and crush the lobsters and feed on them,” he says.

The prawn cutlets are handmade, as is the calamari, and all seafood is served with fresh salads including organic quinoa with roasted sweet potato and cauliflower, a Greek salad bowl or mixed green leaf salad.

Having worked in international hotels, small cafes, vineyards and takeaway joints, Simon says Red Hot Cod is less complicated.

“We like the takeaway concept. It’s very labour-intensive in the restaurant while this is quicker and fresher.”

Boxed to go

The signature cardboard-boxed meals locals loved a decade ago have been revived.

Walking out the door at a rapid rate are the Burleigh Beach Boxes, packed with mixed seafood, salad and chips, in serving sizes to suit one, two or four people.

Many a loyal former Wok customer will be thrilled to see Simon has also resurrected some of the menu favourites, including Indonesian vegetarian spring rolls and nasi goreng, a Massaman curry and duck spring rolls.

“They were the dishes that were the most popular then and they’ve proven really popular again now,” he says.

While the majority of meals are taken away box-style, there is seating for 20 inside the store, which has been outfitted to look like a trawler, complete with rusted-look walls and port holes.

Through one hole you’ll spy a picture of Burleigh surfing and lifeguard legend James “Billy” Watson.

“We wouldn’t have done this at Coolangatta or Nobby or Mermaid – we just love Burleigh, and it had to be the right shop or wouldn’t do it,” Simon says.

“This shop is the right aspect – I can see the lifeguard tower and the ocean from here.”

Red Hot Cod, 1716 Gold Coast Highway, open daily 11am-9pm